Upgrading to V8.1

To take advantage of new product features and updates, upgrade the IBM Spectrum® Protect server.

Before you begin

Review the security updates planning information in What you should know about security before you install or upgrade the server.

About this task

To upgrade the server on the same operating system, see the upgrade instructions. For instructions about migrating the server to a different operating system, see IBM Spectrum Protect Upgrade and Migration Process - Frequently Asked Questions.

An upgrade takes approximately 20 - 50 minutes. Your environment might produce different results from the results that were obtained in the labs.

For information about upgrades in a clustered environment, see Upgrading the server in a clustered environment.

To revert to an earlier version of the server after an upgrade or migration, you must have a full database backup and the installation software for the original server. You must also have the following key configuration files:
  • Volume history file
  • Device configuration file
  • Server options file