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Using the IBM Spectrum Protect web user interface for remote client operations

The IBM Spectrum® Protect backup-archive client provides a web user interface component that you can use to remotely back up or archive data, and to restore or retrieve data that was saved to the IBM Spectrum Protect server.

The IBM Spectrum Protect web user interface can be started and managed independently of web browser software. After you install and configure the web user interface on the workstation (the client workstation) where the backup-archive client is installed, you can log in to the web user interface in a web browser to remotely interact with the backup-archive client. IBM Spectrum Protect administrators can also access the web user interface from the IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center.

Without console access to the client workstation, an IBM Spectrum Protect administrator can use the web user interface to selectively back up or archive data outside of regularly scheduled backups. The administrator can also restore or retrieve the data remotely in a data recovery situation. The web user interface is primarily used for smaller jobs such as selectively backing up, restoring, archiving, or retrieving files and directories. For larger jobs such as backing up entire file systems by using incremental backups or restoring entire file spaces, use the backup-archive client.

For example, an IBM Spectrum Protect administrator with client access over a client node can be responsible for backing up a client workstation that the administrator does not have physical access to. The administrator can run self-service selective backup and restore operations on this workstation on behalf of the workstation's owner. To fully protect the client workstation, the backup-archive client is configured to run regularly scheduled incremental backups. Full restore operations in a disaster recovery scenario continue to be available with physical access to the client workstation and the backup-archive client command-line interface.

  • Remote client operations with the web user interface are limited to backing up, restoring, archiving, and retrieving files and folders in a client file system. Backing up network drives or volumes is not supported. To run other types of client operations, use the backup-archive client Java™ GUI or the backup-archive client command-line interface.
  • The web user interface supports only client-to-server communications that use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) protocols.
  • Some messages that are issued by the IBM Spectrum Protect web user interface in the detailed error information pane contain indeterminate object names because the web user interface cannot obtain the necessary information from the server. For example, if you use the web user interface to retrieve a file from an archive package that was removed from the server after selection but before retrieval completes, you can see the requested objects as placeholders in the error message because the web user interface can no longer obtain the object names on the server as in the following error message that appears in the error information pane:

    ANS1345E No objects on the server match '{0}{1}{2}'