Streamline and improve replication by using replication storage rules

IBM Spectrum® Protect 8.1.13 introduces a feature for replicating data by defining replication storage rules and associated subrules. This feature streamlines the configuration process and supports fine-tuning of replication operations. In addition, the feature supports enhanced protection of data in directory-container storage pools.

If you implemented replication by using the REPLICATE NODE command, consider a transition to replication storage rules and subrules. In this way, you can help to streamline the configuration process and optimize replication with increased granularity and flexibility.

The use of replication storage rules and subrules offers the following advantages:
  • You can create and manage replication storage rules by using the Operations Center. The Operations Center provides a user interface to simplify the configuration process.
  • You can configure replication operations with a high degree of flexibility and granularity. By using subrules, you can apply exceptions and filters to the replication process.
  • This type of replication combines the functionality of the REPLICATE NODE and PROTECT STGPOOL commands into one replication operation. If you transition to replication storage rules and subrules, and you replicate all nodes and file spaces in a container storage pool, you can repair damaged extents in the container storage pool on the source replication server by running the REPAIR STGPOOL command. In this way, you retrieve undamaged copies from the target replication server. The extents are repaired even if you did not previously issue the PROTECT STGPOOL command.
  • Replication storage rules can be used to configure both single-target and multi-target replication operations.