IBM Spectrum Protect server and client messages format

IBM Spectrum® Protect server and client messages consist of the following elements:
  • A three-letter prefix. Messages have different prefixes to help you identify the IBM Spectrum Protect component that issues the message. Typically, all messages for a component have the same prefix. Sometimes a component issues messages with two or three different prefixes.

    For example, backup-archive clients issue messages with the ANS prefix. Backup-archive client events that are logged to the server have the ANE prefix. Server common and server platform-specific messages have the ANR prefix.

  • A numeric message identifier.
  • A one-letter severity code. The following codes indicate the severity of the action that generated the message:
    Code Severity Meaning
    S Severe The product or a product function cannot continue. User response is required.
    E Error An error is encountered during processing. Processing might stop. User response might be required.
    W Warning Processing continues, but problems might occur later as a result of the warning.
    I Information Processing continues. User response is not necessary.
  • Message text that is displayed on screen and written to message logs.
  • Explanation, System Action, and User Response texts. These texts elaborate on the message text, and are available in the product messages publications and in the command line help.

The following image presents a typical IBM Spectrum Protect server message.

The callouts identify each element of the message.

Message Format

Message variables in the message text appear in italics.