Restart Restore

The restart restore command displays a list of your restartable restore sessions in the server database.

You can restart only one restartable restore session at a time. Run the restart restore command again to restart further restores.

The restarted restore uses the same options that you used in the failed restore. The restarted restore continues from the point at which the restore previously failed.

To cancel restartable restore sessions, use the cancel restore command. Use the restart restore command when:

  • Restartable restore sessions lock the file space at the server so that files cannot be moved off the sequential volumes of the server.
  • You cannot back up files that are affected by the restartable restore.

Options from the failed session supersede new or changed options for the restarted session.

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Supported Clients

This command is valid for all clients.


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There are no parameters for this command.


Restart a restore.

Command: restart restore