Preview Archive

The preview archive command simulates an archive command without sending data to the server.

The preview archive command generates a tab-delineated text file that can be imported into a spreadsheet program. The preview contains information such as whether the file is excluded or included. If the file is excluded, the pattern, or reason, that the file is excluded is listed, along with the source for the pattern.

Mac OS X operating systemsWindows operating systemsOracle Solaris operating systemsLinux operating systemsAIX operating systems

Supported Clients

This command is valid for all clients.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramPREview Archivefilespec -filter=ALL-filter=INCL-filter=EXCL-FILEName= filename-CONsole-TRAverse=Yes-TRAverse=No


Specifies the path and file name that you want to archive. Use wildcard characters to select a group of files or all the files in a directory.
Specifies the output to display. You can display included objects, excluded objects, or both.
Display output for included and excluded objects. This is the default.
Display output for included objects only.
Display output for excluded objects only.
Specifies the filename in which to write the tab-delineated output. The default is dsmprev.txt.
Output is written to the console, and the file.
Preview the current directory and subdirectories.
Preview the current directories and subdirectories. This is the default.
Preview only the current directory, not subdirectories.
Important: Specifying -traverse does not preview directories excluded using the exclude.dir option.