Mac OS X operating systems

Uninstalling the Mac OS X client

You can uninstall the IBM Spectrum® Protect Mac OS X client if you no longer need it.

Before you begin

If the IBM Spectrum Protect scheduler is configured as a startup item, use the IBM Spectrum Protect Tools for Administrators function or the shell script to stop and uninstall the scheduler before you begin this procedure.

About this task

You can use a shell script to uninstall the backup-archive client. The shell script name is and it is in the default installation directory, which is /Library/Application Support/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin. Use the sudo command to run the script.

Alternately, you can complete the following steps instead of using the script:


  1. Move the following folders to the trash:
    • /Applications/IBM Spectrum Protect
    • /Library/Application Support/tivoli
  2. Remove the following symbolic links:
    • /usr/bin/dsmc
    • /usr/bin/dsmcad
    • /usr/bin/dsmadmc
    • /usr/bin/dsmtrace
    • /usr/bin/dsmagent
    • /usr/lib/libxmlutil-6.2.0.dylib
    • /usr/lib/libtsm620xerces-c1_6_0.dylib
  3. Optional: Remove the log files and options files if you do not want to preserve them. The uninstall process leaves them on disk so your settings are retained in case you reinstall the product later.

    The backup-archive client might have created log files in these locations:

    1. /Library/Logs/tivoli
    2. ~/Library/Logs/tivoli

    The client option files (dsm.opt and dsm.sys) are typically saved in the following locations:

    1. /Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager
    2. ~/Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager