Linux operating systems

Uninstalling the Linux x86_64 client

You can use the following procedure to uninstall the IBM Spectrum® Protect Linux® x86_64 client.

Before you begin

You must be logged in as root to uninstall the product. Uninstall the packages in the order shown.


To uninstall a previously installed IBM Spectrum Protect client package, enter the following commands to remove the packages for the web user interface, journal-based backup, the filepath component, the backup-archive client, the API, and the IBM® Global Security Kit (GSKit).

Tip: The version number of the packages is not needed for uninstall.

  1. To uninstall the journal-based backup components only, remove both packages (journal-based backup and filepath). The TIVsm-JBB package depends on the filepath package. If you use two separate rpm -e commands to uninstall the components one at a time, uninstall the TIVsm-JBB package first.
    rpm -e TIVsm-JBB TIVsm-filepath
  2. To remove the package that performs file-restore operations by using the web user interface, enter the following command:
    rpm -e TIVsm-WEBGUI
  3. Uninstall the backup-archive client packages:
    1. If you installed the optional TIVsm-BAcit package, uninstall it before you uninstall the client:
      rpm -e TIVsm-BAcit
    2. Uninstall the backup-archive client.
      rpm -e TIVsm-BA
    Note: If language packages are installed in a Version 7.1.2 or earlier client, you must remove them before you remove the API package. Enter the following command, and replace xx_xx with the language code for each additional language that you installed. For a list of language code identifiers, see Table 1.
    rpm -e TIVsm-msg.xx_xx
    Table 1. Language pack identifiers
    Language Language identifier
    Czech CS_CZ
    French FR_FR
    German DE_DE
    Hungarian HU_HU
    Italian IT_IT
    Japanese JA_JP
    Korean KO_KR
    Polish PL_PL
    Portuguese PT_BR
    Russian RU_RU
    Spanish ES_ES
    Traditional Chinese (EUC) ZH_CN
    Traditional Chinese Big5 ZH_TW
  4. Uninstall any products that depend on the API, such as IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases and IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail. Any API-dependent products must be uninstalled before you uninstall the API package. If you uninstall an API-dependent product, you must reinstall it after you install a newer version of the backup-archive client and API packages. Consult the documentation of the dependent product to determine what you need to do to prevent data loss when you uninstall and reinstall the products.
    1. If you installed the optional API common inventory package (TIVsm-APIcit), uninstall it before you uninstall the API package. Use the following command to uninstall the package:
      rpm -e TIVsm-APIcit
    2. Uninstall the API package by using the following command:
      rpm -e TIVsm-API64
  5. To remove the GSKit 64-bit package, enter the following command:
    rpm -e gskcrypt64 gskssl64