Mac OS X operating systems

Installing the Mac OS X client

You can install the IBM Spectrum® Protect Mac OS X backup-archive client from the product installation media.

Before you begin

You must be a system administrator to install the backup-archive client.

About this task

This installation procedure can be used to install new distributions or updates from downloaded installation media. The downloaded files that you use to install the client might be compressed. Depending on the package file format, either copy or extract the files to disk and use these instructions to install the components.

You can download the appropriate package file from one of the following websites:

For MAC OS X clients, you can use an installation wizard that prompts you for information as the product is installed, or you can also install the client from the command line. When you install the client by using the command-line installation procedure, the installation runs without user interaction. The command-line procedure is useful if you want to script the installation and run it on many nodes, or if you must install the software on a system that does not have a monitor.


Select an installation method and install the client. Use either the installation wizard method or install the client from the command line.
Installation method Procedure
Installation wizard
  1. Double-click the file to mount the disk image.
  2. Double-click the IBM Spectrum Protect installation package icon and follow the prompts to complete the installation.
Command line
  1. Change directories to where the IBM Spectrum Protect installer is located.
  2. Install the custom installation package with the following command:
    /usr/sbin/installer -pkg 
    "/Volumes/IBM Spectrum Protect/
    IBM Spectrum Protect.pkg" -target /

What to do next

A sample client system options file, called dsm.sys.smp, is created in the installation directory. You can copy this file and modify it to create the client systems options file for your node. The default name for the client systems option file is dsm.sys.

After you install the client, you might need to set environment variables before you use it. For more information about setting environment variables, see Set processing environment variables.