Client options reference

The following sections contain detailed information about each of the IBM Spectrum® Protect processing options.

Information for each option includes the following information:

  • A description
  • A syntax diagram
  • Detailed descriptions of the parameters
  • Examples of using the option in the client options file (if applicable)
  • Examples of using the option on the command line (if applicable)

Options with a command-line example of Does not apply cannot be used with command line or scheduled commands.

Mac OS X operating systemsNote:
  1. Do not enclose an option value with single or quotation marks, unless the value is a file specification that contains spaces or wildcard characters. For example, the following option is not valid:
       passwordaccess  "generate"
  2. Mac OS X operating systemsOracle Solaris operating systemsLinux operating systemsAIX operating systemsAll options in the dsm.sys file, except for the defaultserver option, must be placed within a server stanza. A server stanza is a collection of options statements in dsm.sys that begins with a SERVERName option and ends either at the next SERVERName option or the end of the file.