Displays the stdout and stderr output of an unfinished Terminal Services job.


tspeek job_ID
tspeek [-h | -V]


Displays the standard output and standard error output that was produced by one of your unfinished Terminal Services jobs, up to the time that this command is started.

This command is useful for monitoring the progress of a job and identifying errors. If errors are observed, valuable user time and system resources can be saved by terminating an erroneous job.

The tspeek command is supported on Windows and Linux. You cannot use the tspeek commands to monitor job output from UNIX. The tspeek command on Linux requires the rdesktop application.

You can use the tspeek command from any Linux host where the rdesktop application is installed to view the output of a Terminal Services job. For example, if your job ID is 23245, run the following command:
tspeek 23245


Operates on the specified Terminal Services job.
Prints command usage to stderr and exits.
Prints LSF release version to stderr and exits.

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