Merges LSF RES task log files.


lsacctmrg [-f] logfile_name ... target_logfile_name
lsacctmrg [-h | -V]


Merges specified task log files into the specified target file in chronological order according to completion time.

All files must be in the format that is specified in the lsf.acct file.


Overwrites the target file without prompting for confirmation.
logfile_name ...
Specify log files to be merged into the target file, separated by spaces. Specify either an absolute or a relative path.
Specify the file into which all log files are to be merged. Specify either an absolute or a relative path. The target file cannot be part of the files to be merged.
Prints command usage to stderr and exits.
Prints LSF release version to stderr and exits.

See also

lsf.acct, res