Displays LSF global policy daemon information.


LSF_SERVERDIR/gpolicyd [-C] [-d dir] [-debug_level]
LSF_SERVERDIR/gpolicyd [-h | -V]


The gpolicyd daemon runs on the LSF management and management candidate hosts for global policy management.

A new gpolicyd daemon is started if the host for the current gpolicyd daemon fails.

The gpolicyd daemon reads the lsf.conf file to get the environment information. Use the -d option to change the default location of the LSF environment directory that contains the lsf.conf file.


The gpolicyd daemon checks the syntax of the LSF configuration files, prints verbose messages to stdout, and exits. The gpolicyd daemon with the -C option does not to run on the management host.
Attention: Do not start the gpolicyd daemon manually without the -C option.
-d env_dir
Reads the lsf.conf file from the directory that is specified by env_dir, rather than from the default directory /etc, or from the directory set by the LSF_ENVDIR parameter.
Sets debug mode level. Valid values are either 1 or 2. When debug mode is set, the daemons are run in debug mode and can be started by a normal user (non-root). If debug level is 1, the gpolicyd daemon runs in the background when started. If debug level is 2, the gpolicyd daemon stays in the foreground. Therefore, the daemon is always started by the daemon with the same options, and hasgpolicydsbatchd the same debug level. If LSF daemons are running in debug mode, the LSB_DEBUG parameter must be defined in the lsf.conf file for LSF commands to communicate with the daemons.
The gpolicyd daemon has no controlling TTY. Errors are sent to syslog with log level LOG_ERR, or, if the LSF_LOGDIR parameter is defined in the lsf.conf file, which is written to the file LSF_LOGDIR/gpolicyd.log.host_name.