Displays information about user groups.


bugroup [-l] [-r] [-w] [user_group ...]
bugroup [-h | -V]


Displays user groups, user names, APS user group (UG) factors, user shares, and group administrators for each group. Group administrators are expanded to show individual user names even if a user group is the configured administrator. Group administrator rights inherited from member subgroups are also shown.

The default is to display information about all user groups.


Displays information in a long multi-line format. Also displays share distribution if shares are configured.
Expands the user groups recursively. The expanded list contains only user names; it does not contain the names of subgroups. Duplicate user names are listed only once.
Wide format. Displays user and user group names without truncating fields.
user_group ...
Displays only information about the specified user groups. Do not use quotation marks when you specify multiple user groups.
Prints command usage to stderr and exits.
Prints LSF release version to stderr and exits.


In the list of users, a name followed by a slash (/) indicates a subgroup.


User groups, groups administrators, APS priority factors, and user shares are defined in the configuration file lsb.users.

See also

bmgroup, busers, lsb.users.