Deletes an advance reservation.


brsvdel reservation_ID ...
brsvdel {-h | -V | -f}



By default, this command can be used only by LSF administrators or root.

Deletes advance reservations for the specified reservation IDs.

For example, the following command was used to create the reservation user1#0,
brsvadd -n 1024 -m hostA -u user1 -b 13:0 -e 18:0
Reservation "user1#0" is created
The following command deletes the reservation:
brsvdel user1#0
Reservation user1#0 is being deleted

You can delete multiple reservations at a time.

To allow users to delete their own advance reservations without administrator intervention, configure advance reservation policies in the ResourceReservation section of the lsb.resources file.

Administrators and root can delete any reservations. Users who are listed in the ResourceReservation section can delete only reservations that they created themselves.


Prints command usage and exits.
Prints LSF release version and exits.
Forces deletion of an AR. The running jobs will be detached and treated as regular jobs.
If LSB_DISABLE_SUSPEND_AR_JOBS under lsf.conf is set to Y, then these jobs will continue running and other regular suspending jobs will continue to be suspended. If it is set to N, these jobs will be suspended and will compete with other regular jobs for slots.

See also

brsvadd, brsvmod, brsvs, lsb.resources