License information collection daemon for LSF License Scheduler. The blcollect daemon collects license usage information.


blcollect -c collector_name -m host_name [...] -p license_scheduler_port [-i lmstat_interval | -D lmstat_path] [-t timeout]
blcollect [-h | -V]


Periodically collects license usage information from the license manager. It queries the license manager for license usage information and passes the information to the LSF License Scheduler daemon (bld). The blcollect daemon improves performance by allowing you to distribute license information queries on multiple hosts.

By default, license information is collected from the license manager on one host. Use the blcollect daemon to distribute the license collection on multiple hosts.

For each service domain configuration in the lsf.licensescheduler file, specify one name for the blcollect daemon to use. You can only specify one collector per service domain, but you can specify one collector to serve multiple service domains. You can choose any collector name you want, but must use that exact name when you run the blcollect daemon.


Required. Specify the collector name you set in the lsf.licensescheduler file. You must use the collector name (LIC_COLLECTOR) you define in the ServiceDomain section of the configuration file.
Required. Specifies a space-separated list of hosts to which license information is sent. The hosts do not need to be running LSF License Scheduler or a license manager. Use fully qualified host names.
Required. You must specify the LSF License Scheduler listening port, which is set in the lsf.licensescheduler file and has a default value of 9581.
-i lmstat_interval
Optional. The frequency in seconds of the calls that LSF License Scheduler makes to the lmstat command to collect license usage information from the license manager.

The default interval is 60 seconds.

-D lmstat_path
Optional. Location of the FlexNet command lmstat or the Reprise License Manager command rlmstat, overriding the value defined by the LMSTAT_PATH or RLMSTAT_PATH parameter in the Parameters section of the lsf.licensescheduler file.
-t timeout
Optional. Timeout value passed to the lmstat command, overwriting the value defined by the LM_STAT_TIMEOUT parameter in the Parameters or ServiceDomain section of the lsf.licensescheduler file.

This option is ignored if the LM_TYPE=RLM parameter is defined in the Parameters section of the lsf.licensescheduler file.

Prints command usage to stderr and exits.
Prints release version to stderr and exits.

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