Modifies job groups


bgmod [-L limit | -Ln] [-u job_group_owner] job_group_name
bgmod [-h | -V]


Modifies the job group with the job group name that is specified by job_group_name.

Only root, LSF administrators, the job group creator, or the creator of the parent job groups can use the bgmod command to modify a job group limit.

You must provide full group path name for the modified job group. The last component of the path is the name of the job group to be modified.


-L limit

Changes the limit of job_group_name to the specified limit value. If the job group has parent job groups, the new limit cannot exceed the limits of any higher-level job groups. Similarly, if the job group has child job groups, the new value must be greater than any limits on the lower-level job groups.

limit specifies the maximum number of concurrent jobs that are allowed to run under the job group (including child groups) -L limits the number of started jobs (RUN, SSUSP, USUSP) under the job group. Specify a positive number 0 - 2147483647. If the specified limit is zero, no jobs under the job group can run.

You cannot specify a limit for the root job group. The root job group has no job limit. The -L option limits only the lowest level job group specified.

When using global limit scheduling (that is, when GLOBAL_LIMITS=Y is set in the lsb.params file), job group limits are still applied when the jobs are forwarded to another cluster.

If a parallel job requests 2 CPUs (bsub -n 2), the job group limit is per job, not per slots used by the job.


Removes the existing job limit for the job group. If the job group has parent job groups, the job modified group automatically inherits any limits from its direct parent job group.

-u job_group_owner

Changes the job group owner to the specified job_group_owner user name.

To specify a Windows user account, include the domain name in uppercase letters and use either a single backslash (DOMAIN_NAMEuser_name) from a Windows command prompt or a double backslash (DOMAIN_NAME∖∖user_name) from a UNIX command line.

Use of this option is restricted to the following users:
  • root
  • Primary LSF administrator
  • Parent job group owner
  • Current job group owner

Full path of the job group name.


Prints command usage to stderr and exits.


Prints LSF release version to stderr and exits.


The following command modifies only the limit of group /canada/projects/test1. It does not modify limits of /canada or /canada/projects.
bgmod -L 6 /canada/projects/test1
To modify limits of /canada or /canada/projects, you must specify the exact group name:
bgmod -L 6 /canada
bgmod -L 6 /canada/projects

See also

bgadd, bgdel, bjgroup