Creates job groups


bgadd [-L limit] [-sla service_class_name] job_group_name
bgadd [-h | -V]


Creates a job group with the job group name specified by job_group_name.

You must provide full group path name for the new job group. The last component of the path is the name of the new group to be created.

You do not need to create the parent job group before you create a sub-group under it. If no groups in the job group hierarchy exist, all groups are created with the specified hierarchy.


-L limit

Specifies the maximum number of concurrent jobs allowed to run under the job group (including child groups). The -L option limits the number of started jobs (jobs in RUN, SSUSP, or USUSP state) under the job group. Specify a positive number between 0 and 2147483647. If the specified limit is zero (0), no jobs under the job group can run.

You cannot specify a limit for the root job group. The root job group has no job limit. Job groups added with no limits specified inherit any limits of existing parent job groups. The -L option only limits the lowest level job group created.

When using global limit scheduling (that is, when GLOBAL_LIMITS=Y is set in the lsb.params file), job group limits are still applied when the jobs are forwarded to another cluster.

If a parallel job requests 2 CPUs (bsub -n 2), the job group limit is per job, not per slots used by the job.

By default, a job group has no job limit. Limits persist across mbatchd restart or reconfiguration.

-sla service_class_name

The name of a service class defined in lsb.serviceclasses, or the name of the SLA defined in the ENABLE_DEFAULT_EGO_SLA parameter in the lsb.params file. The job group is attached to the specified SLA.


Full path of the job group name. Job group names can be up to 512 characters long.


Prints command usage to stderr and exits.


Prints LSF release version to stderr and exits.


  • Create a job group named risk_group under the root group /:
    bgadd /risk_group
  • Create a job group named portfolio1 under job group /risk_group:
    bgadd /risk_group/portfolio1

See also

bgdel, bjgroup