Passes the current operating system user shell limits for the job submission user to the execution host.




bsub -ul


User limits cannot override queue hard limits. If user limits exceed queue hard limits, the job is rejected.

Restriction: UNIX and Linux only. -ul is not supported on Windows.
The following bsub options for job-level runtime limits override the value of the user shell limits:
  • Per-process (soft) core file size limit (-C)
  • CPU limit (-c)
  • Per-process (soft) data segment size limit (-D)
  • File limit (-F)
  • Per-process (soft) memory limit (-M)
  • Process limit (-p)
  • Per-process (soft) stack segment size limit (-S)
  • Limit of the number of concurrent threads (-T)
  • Total process virtual memory (swap space) limit (-v)
  • Runtime limit (-W)
LSF collects the user limit settings from the user's running environment that are supported by the operating system, and sets the value to submission options if the value is not unlimited. If the operating system has other kinds of shell limits, LSF does not collect them. LSF collects the following operating system user limits:
  • CPU time in milliseconds
  • Maximum file size
  • Data size
  • Stack size
  • Core file size
  • Resident set size
  • Open files
  • Virtual (swap) memory
  • Process limit
  • Thread limit