Submits an interactive job and creates a pseudo-terminal when the job starts.




bsub -Ip [-tty]

Conflicting options

Do not use with the following options: -I, -IS, -ISp, -ISs, -Is, -IX, -K.


Some applications (for example, vi) require a pseudo-terminal in order to run correctly.

Options that create a pseudo-terminal are not supported on Windows. Since the -Ip option creates a pseudo-terminal, it is not supported on Windows.

A new job cannot be submitted until the interactive job is completed or terminated.

Sends the job's standard output (or standard error) to the terminal. Does not send mail to you when the job is done unless you specify the -N option.

If the -i input_file option is specified, you cannot interact with the job's standard input via the terminal.

If the -o out_file option is specified, sends the job's standard output to the specified output file. If the -e err_file option is specified, sends the job's standard error to the specified error file.

If used with -tty, also displays output/error (except pre-exec output/error) on the screen.

Interactive jobs cannot be checkpointed.

Interactive jobs are not rerunnable (bsub -r).


bsub -Ip vi myfile

Submit an interactive job to edit myfile.