Displays absolute priority scheduling (APS) information for pending jobs in a queue with APS_PRIORITY enabled.




bjobs -aps


The APS value is calculated based on the current scheduling cycle, so jobs are not guaranteed to be dispatched in this order.

Pending jobs are ordered by APS value. Jobs with system APS values are listed first, from highest to lowest APS value. Jobs with calculated APS values are listed next ordered from high to low value. Finally, jobs not in an APS queue are listed. Jobs with equal APS values are listed in order of submission time. APS values of jobs not in an APS queue are shown with a dash (-).

If queues are configured with the same priority, bjobs -aps may not show jobs in the correct expected dispatch order. Jobs may be dispatched in the order the queues are configured in lsb.queues. You should avoid configuring queues with the same priority.

For resizable jobs, -aps displays the latest APS information for running jobs with active resize allocation requests. LSF handles the dynamic priority for running jobs with active resize requests. The displayed job priority can change from time to time.