Enables scaling of large units in the resource usage limits.




You can scale limits for the following resource limits.

  • core
  • mem
  • stack
  • swp
  • tmp

The default of KB for these limits might be too small for some environments that make use of very large resource usage limits, for example, GB or TB.

The LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS parameter applies cluster-wide to limits at the job-level (bsub command), queue-level (lsb.queues file), and application level (lsb.applications file). This parameter alters the meaning of all numeric values in the lsb.resources file to match the specified unit in gpool, and limits. It also controls the resource rusage attached to the job and the memory amount that defines the size of a package in GSLA.

The limit unit that is specified by the LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS parameter also applies when limits are modified with the bmod command. The limit unit also applies to the display of resource usage limits in query commands (bacct, bapp, bhist, bhosts, bjobs, bqueues, lsload, and lshosts).

By default, the tmp resource is not supported by the LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS parameter. Use the parameter LSF_ENABLE_TMP_UNIT=Y to enable the LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS parameter to support limits on the tmp resource.

Important: Before you change the units of your resource usage limits, completely drain the cluster of all workload so that no running, pending, or finished jobs are in the system.

In the LSF multicluster capability environment, configure the same unit for all clusters.

Note: Other limits (such as the file limit) are not affected by setting the parameter LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS.


A job is submitted with bsub -M 100 and the LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS=GB parameter is set. The memory limit for the job is 100 GB rather than the default 100 MB.

Valid values

The unit value indicates the unit for the resource usage limit, one of:
  • KB or K (kilobytes)
  • MB or M (megabytes)
  • GB or G (gigabytes)
  • TB or T (terabytes)
  • PB or P (petabytes)
  • EB or E (exabytes)
  • ZB or Z (zettabytes)


Set to MB at time of installation. If the LSF_UNIT_FOR_LIMITS parameter is not defined in the lsf.conf file, the default settings are as follows:
  • bsub and bmod
    • bsub -C: KB
    • bmod -C : KB
    • core_limit -M: KB
    • mem_limit -S: KB
    • stack_limit -v: KB
    • swap_limit: KB
    • bsub -R: MB
      • mem, swp and tmp in RUSAGE and select sections: MB
  • lsb.applications
    • RES_REQ
      • mem, swp, and tmp in RUSAGE and select sections: MB
  • lsb.queues
    • RES_REQ
      • mem, swp, and tmp in RUSAGE and select sections: MB
    • mem, swp, and tmp in RESRSV_LIMIT: MB
    • MEM and SWP that is configured in RSRC, found in APS_PRIORITY: MB
  • lsb.resources
    • MEM, SWP and TMP in Limit section: MB
    • mem for package resource TYPE in Guaranteed section: MB
    • MEM and SWP in the Host Export section: MB