Users and administrators

LSF user

A user account that has permission to submit jobs to the LSF cluster.

LSF administrator

In general, you must be an LSF administrator to perform operations that will affect other LSF users. Each cluster has one primary LSF administrator, specified during LSF installation. You can also configure additional administrators at the cluster level and at the queue level.

Primary LSF administrator

The first cluster administrator specified during installation and first administrator listed in lsf.cluster.cluster_name. The primary LSF administrator account owns the configuration and log files. The primary LSF administrator has permission to perform clusterwide operations, change configuration files, reconfigure the cluster, and control jobs submitted by all users.

Cluster administrator

May be specified during LSF installation or configured after installation. Cluster administrators can perform administrative operations on all jobs and queues in the cluster. Cluster administrators have the same cluster-wide operational privileges as the primary LSF administrator except that they do not necessarily have permission to change LSF configuration files.

For example, a cluster administrator can create an LSF host group, submit a job to any queue, or terminate another user’s job.

Queue administrator

An LSF administrator user account that has administrative permissions limited to a specified queue. For example, an LSF queue administrator can perform administrative operations on the specified queue, or on jobs running in the specified queue, but cannot change LSF configuration or operate on LSF daemons.