Submit a job with SSH X11 forwarding

Before you begin

This task applies to UNIX execution and submissions hosts only. You cannot modify the DISPLAY environment variable.

About this task

You can submit a job to run with SSH X11 forwarding. These jobs run securely between the X-Server host, the submission host, and the execution host. Allows you to run jobs through an SSH client without having the SSH daemon installed on the X-Server host.


  1. Log in to the X-Server host.
  2. Enable SSH X11 forwarding in your SSH client.
  3. Use the SSH client to log in to a submission host.
  4. Run bsub -XF or -XF -I.

    If required, provide the password for public or private keys.

    The job is scheduled by LSF and runs. The bsub command waits until the job is dispatched.

    If interactive (-I), the job displays throughout the lifecycle of the job.