What's new and changed in IBM Spectrum LSF RTM Version 10.2 Fix Pack 13

The following topics summarize the new and changed behavior in IBM Spectrum LSF RTM ("RTM") 10.2 Fix Pack 13.

Download location

Download this Fix Pack from IBM Fix Central. For more information, see Getting fixes from IBM Fix Central .

LSF root privileges

By default, you do not need to specify LSF root privileges if you have not specified benchmark and gridadmin with root. If you have used root for these, then to enable root privileges on hosts for IBM Spectrum LSF RTM, you must specify a space-separated list of hosts for the LSF_ADDON_HOSTS parameter in the lsf.conf file. The root users on these specified hosts can then execute commands remotely.

For more information, see LSF_ADDON_HOSTS and Security.

Support for previous LSF versions

To ensure that IBM Spectrum LSF RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13 work properly with LSF and previous versions, you must configure the following parameters in the lsf.conf file:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.5

As of Fix Pack 13, IBM Spectrum LSF RTM supports RHEL 8.5 on x64 and Power. For details, see System requirements for IBM Spectrum LSF RTM Version 10.2 Fix Pack 13.

IBM Spectrum LSF poller compatibility with IBM Spectrum LSF RTM

IBM Spectrum LSF RTM continues to support IBM Spectrum LSF remote LSF pollers to record and write LSF metrics. For the remote LSF pollers compatible for Fix Pack 13, see Setting up remote LSF pollers.

New Poller for LSF

RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13 adds a new built-in Poller for LSF to support:

  • Starting in LSF Fix Pack 13, kill RUNNING job as DONE status.
  • Starting in LSF Fix Pack 12, default security enhancement when RTM Strict Checking > Enhanced is selected.
  • Other deprecated LSF parameters, for example LSF_GPU_RESOURCE_IGNORE.

Security enhancements

IBM Spectrum LSF RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13 includes the following security enhancements:

  • Time-based SQL Injection in JobIQ page
  • Other security fixes from the Cacti 1.2.15+ release. For more information, refer to $RTM_TOP/cacti/CHANGELOG

Additional enhancements

RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13 includes the following additional enhancements:

  • Add indexes to improve overall performance
  • Support individual configuration Max Insert SQL string length per cluster

Fixed issues

The following RFEs have been fixed in RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13:

Table 1. Issues fixed in RTM 10.2 Fix Pack 13
APAR ID Description
P104313 The cluster dashboard shows incorrect max slots totals.
P104324 The controls for displaying the host type and model columns are not working properly.
P104330 gridacct insertion SQL error - extra comma in query.
P104337 Searching for a job by index ID causes an error with backtrace.
P104339 Some RTM tables are lost during partitioning.
P104340 Excessive messages about the LSF environment in the cacti.log file.
P104352 Creates an index for the present column in the grid_queues_shares table.
P104355 The grid_job_daily_stats_replay table is not properly structured, which leads to SQL errors.
P104356 An error message after the cluster settings are saved.
P104359 Using the grid_busers.php page to view the users in a user group incorrectly shows all users instead.
P104370 The RLM service status incorrectly shows as Partial UP.
P104390 Improve the query performance of the License page.
P104397 Optimization for the Grid Queues Shares collection in the lib/grid_functions.php script.
P104398 Extra settings to run a query to delete items from the grid_jobs_pendreasons table.
P104402 Another maintenance task is running in the cacti.log file, which causes redundant messages to appear.
P104406 The last_updated column is not updating when the grid data collector is running.
P104407 The Heuristics tabs do not highlight properly.
P104408 JobIQ queue and projects charts do not automatically update after a change in the history.
P104414 The Page Rate value in the Job Info > By Host page is off by 1024 pages per second.
P104416 The Guarantee Pool SLA aligned columns are out of order.
P104417 The memory_wasted values are incorrect.
P104418 After a link is clicked in the JobIQ page, the Filter panel is hidden.
P104421 The alignment of the License Scheduler buffer is incorrect.
P104429 The heuristics data is incorrect.
P104450 RTM cannot parse multiple vendors for one RLM license service.
P104458 The warning messages for gridperf require more clarification.