Configure idle job detection (Grid settings)


  1. Click the Console tab.
  2. Under the Configuration section of the Console menu bar, click Grid Settings and go to Idle jobs.
  3. Set the values for the Idle Job Detection fields:
    • Filter Name

      Provide the filter name to show the legend and Job exception.

    • Email Subject

      Define the email subject for the idle job email message by using these replacement tags: <JOBID>, <INDEXID>, <SUBMITTIME>, <CLUSTERNAME>, <USER>, and <CPUSECS>

    • Email Message

      Define the email content by using these replacement tags: < <JOBID>, <SUBMITTIME>, <CLUSTERNAME>, <USER>, and <CPUSECS>

    • Legend Background Color

      Define the legend. This feature is disabled if Color is set to None.

  4. Click Save.