RTM Project Graphs

What do these graph templates show?

The project series of graphs give visibility to workloads and cluster statistics by project.

All of this information is graphed per LSF® batch project group, which is defined by the bsub –P project name at submission time.

Just like job groups, Projects can have the notion of level. Project designations can be expressed as a tree structure such as level1|level2|level3. This syntax would imply that level2 was a sub-project of level1 and level3 was a sub-project of level2. The delimiters used to separate project levels are configurable.

IBM Spectrum LSF RTM includes templates to report on projects at the top level (Level 1) or levels (All) or can be configured with charts to report on projects to sub-levels.

How the graph templates in this collection are useful

Viewing cluster job information and efficiency by project yields information on how active an individual project is and can be used to help determine whether project teams are getting the resources that they need. Project leaders are often interested in this information to understand the resource utilization for their own group.