RTM Application Graphs

What do these graph templates show?

These graph templates are to be used when a cluster has application profiles defined (the lsb.applications has active definitions)

If application profiles are not used in the cluster, ignore these graph templates. Application profiles are a worthwhile facility that can be used to simplify queue configuration by avoiding the need for queues to reflect application specific policies.

This gives a visibility on the workload against a given application profile with respect to batch job statistics such as pending and running jobs and job efficiency.

All of this information is graphed per active LSF® application profile, which is defined by the bsub –app application_profile at submission time.

How the graph templates in this collection are useful?

Batch cluster job information and efficiency by application profile yields information on how active an individual application is and could potentially help with application benchmarking to determine if more or less resources need to be assigned to run this particular code. It could also help indicate if the application profile policies like limit definitions, resource requirements, etc need to be adjusted for higher efficiency and/or user satisfaction.