GRID - Cluster Shared Resources

What does this graph template show?

This graph template is to be used when a cluster is using shared resources. Shared resources are most commonly used for FLEXlm metered floating licenses where a consumable resource is used to represent each license.

If you do not run FLEXlm licensed software or use shared resources that are externally tracked through an ELIM, you can ignore this graph template.

The following example shows a resource named abaqus (representing a software license feature). The graph shows the number of features that are reserved, the number available and the maximum number available. In the following example, a consumable resource is being monitored in 1 hour as reported by the poller that runs very 5 minutes. There are apparently 15 units of this monitored resource.

Figure 1. GRID - Cluster Shared Resources

How is this useful

Often the shared resources represent expensive software licenses, so it is important to see license usage over time to see whether the organization is getting good value on their software investment. If license usage is maximized for long periods, it can be a buy signal to purchase more licenses. It is important to review pending job graphs to help support this type of decision. If license usage is consistently below the maximum, it might be worthwhile to reduce the investment in that particular license feature. There is a graph that is produced for every shared resource on each monitored cluster.