FLEXlm License Template Collection

What do these graph templates show?

These graphs show data that is extracted from one or more FlexNet Publisher license servers (FLEXlm) serving license features for commercial software applications.

The graphs present license information in different ways by license server, software vendor, and license feature. The graphs also show measures of interest such as licenses in use, licenses reserved, queued requests for licenses, total licenses available, and the maximum licenses in use over select time periods.

How the graph templates in this collection are useful?

By providing insight into commercial software license usage, cluster or application administrators can identify bottlenecks that impact productivity and take appropriate action. They can also make sure that expensive licenses are being used as efficiently as possible.

For example, if all licenses are in use, and there are frequently queued requests against licenses, this information might suggest that more licenses must be purchased. It might also suggest that licenses are being used inappropriately by unauthorized users or that licensed jobs are running on slow machines that are wasting precious feature minutes. IBM Spectrum LSF RTM can help answer these kinds of important questions that are key to gaining efficiencies, containing costs, and improving service levels on the cluster.

In this section, each of the templates in this collection is reviewed. As explained earlier, multiple graphs are generated from a graph template that depends on the number of licensed applications, vendors, and license servers. For simplicity, only a single representative graph for each template is shown.