Transferring Cacti Spine

If your RTM installation uses Cacti Spine for better performance and higher reliability, use RTM Console > System Settings > Poller to verify the poller in use. The current poller can be either cmd.php or spine. If the poller is spine, access the Paths table and identify its location.

About this task

When migrating to a new RTM server, the Spine binary and its configuration file, spine.conf, must be transferred to the new server. The configuration file can be located either in the same directory as Spine, or in /etc.

If you are changing operating systems, transferring the Spine binary might not be enough. It may be necessary to rebuild Spine. For example, use the following steps on RHEL:


  1. Make and access a Spine directory.
    mkdir /opt/spine
    cd /opt/spine
  2. Download the Spine source code.
  3. Extract the Spine source code.
    tar –zxvf cacti-spine-0.8.8b.tar.gz
  4. Change directories to the Spine source code.
    cd cacti-spine*
  5. Install the following packages
    yum install mysql-devel net-snmp-devel make gcc m4 autoconf automake
  6. Prepare the package.
  7. Follow the bootstrap instructions with ./configure --prefix=/opt (not ./configure.
    Copy the Spine binary and configuration file directly to /opt/spine, which is the normal default location.