Configuring RTM table partition backups

The following procedure applies when you use the RTM partitioning scheme. Complete these steps before you run RTM database maintenance.

  1. Upgrade to an RTM version that supports partition backups.

    Configure backup partitions under Console > Grid Settings > Maint. Select Enable Record Partitioning and configure Backup Table Partitions as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Upgrading with partition backup support
    Upgrading with partition backup support
  2. Before you migrate, make sure that at least one day has passed.
  3. After one day, locate the files in /opt/IBM/cacti/backup/partition_backups.
  4. Transfer the files to the new server. Run the following command on the new server:
    cd /opt/IBM/cacti/plugins/grid
    php -q database_restore_partitions.php
    Note: This process restores all the legacy data to the new RTM database. Again, try to complete this process before the RTM database maintenance takes place.
Important: The RTM command database_restore_partitions.php was not introduced until RTM version 8.0.2. Therefore, it is important to be at version 8.0.2 or newer before you transfer data between servers.