Setting up monitoring of LSF clusters

Use IBM Spectrum LSF RTM to monitor and control LSF clusters.


  1. Go to Console > Clusters > Clusters.
    Information about already configured LSF clusters (including configured time-out thresholds, and job efficiency information) is displayed.
  2. To add a cluster for RTM to monitor click + and specify the properties of the cluster.

    To edit an existing cluster, click the name of the cluster, make changes, and click Save.

  3. (Optional) If you want to change any default settings:
    1. Go to Console > Configuration > RTM Settings to configure the LSF clusters to interact with RTM.
    2. Go to Console > Configuration > Settings to configure RTM to interact with LSF clusters.
  4. (Optional) Configure user permissions if required. You can give permissions to other users to view graphs and other details. Go to Console > Configuration > Users.
  5. After a cluster is added, all the out-of-box graphs for the cluster will be initialized. You can check these graphs under the Graphs tab.