Enabling remote hosts syslog transfer

To enable cluster host system log messages to display on the IBM Spectrum LSF RTM Syslog tab, make sure that the hosts run rsyslogd to forward log messages in the network.

About this task

Optionally, if you want any hosts in the IBM Spectrum LSF clusters that RTM monitors to display on the RTM Syslog page, you must enable hosts to forward logs to the RTM host.

Important: The rsyslog must be installed on a host where you want system logs to be forwarded to the RTM host. The rsyslog.conf file does not exist if the application is not installed.

Perform the following steps on each host that you want displayed on the RTM Syslog page.


  1. Log in to a remote host.
  2. Edit the /etc/rsyslog.conf file and add the following line to the end of the file:
    *.* @rtm_host_ip (To reduce network traffic, use *.info or *.notice.)

    where rtm_host_ip is the IP address of your RTM host.

    For example, if your IP address is, add the following to the end of the syslog.conf file:
    *.* @
  3. Restart the rsyslog service to apply your changes:

    service rsyslog restart