Importing metadata XML or CSV configuration file via RTM Console

You can import a metadata configuration file in XML or CSV format. You can import through the RTM console or through command line

Importing through the console

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Follow this procedure to import a metadata configuration file through the RTM console.


  1. Click the Console tab.
  2. Under the Configuration section of the Console menu bar, click Metadata Settings.
  3. Click Browse to open the metadata configuration XML or CSV file you want to load.
  4. Click Import.

    Only XML or CSV files with properly-defined metadata configuration can be loaded.

    • To edit an object, click the link from the list then click Save.
      Note: You can organize queues into groups when you are editing the Queue Group entity. The Queue Group details are displayed on the Queue page when it is enabled in the Setting tab under the Queue section.
    • To delete the metadata objects, select the metadata files on the list then choose Delete action before you click Go.

Importing through the command line

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Follow these examples to import a metadata configuration file through the RTM command line.


  • To import an XML configuration file:
    php /opt/cacti/plugins/meta/metadata_cli.php –c –f <filename>
  • To import a CSV file:
    php /opt/cacti/plugins/meta/metadata_cli.php –l –t <object_type> -f <filename>