IBM® General Parallel File System (GPFS) is a high performance cluster file system. GPFS is a shared disk file system that supports the AIX®, Linux®, and Windows operating systems. The main differentiator in GPFS is that it is not a clustered File System but a parallel File System. This means that GPFS can scale almost infinitely. Using RTM, you can monitor GPFS data.

In the RTM GUI, you can monitor GPFS on a per LSF host and a per LSF cluster basis either as a whole or per volume level.

Host level:
  • Average MB In/Out per second
  • Maximum MB In/Out per second
  • Average file Reads/Writes per second
  • Average file Opens/Closes/Directory Reads/Node Updates per second
Cluster level:
  • MB available capacity In/Out
  • Resources can be reserved and used upon present maximum available bandwidth. For example, bsub to reserve 100 kbytes of inbound bandwidth at cluster level for 20 minutes: bsub –q normal –R “rusage[gtotalin=100:duration=20]” ./myapplication myapplication_options