How do I correct an alert malfunction caused by more than 15 items in an RTM alert template layout?

You may receive error messages in the cacti.log file showing that the RTM alert did not function correctly.

About this task

The error may appear like the following:
07/01/2014 12:40:33 AM - CMDPHP: Poller[0] ERROR: SQL Cell Failed!, Error:'1054', SQL:"SELECT 
id FROM gridalarms_alarm_log_items WHERE (alarm_id=26 AND clusterid=5 AND 
host='amsdc1-n-c00820' AND column01='5' AND column02='AMSGDC' AND 
column03='amsdc1-n-c00820' AND column04='Closed-Busy' AND column05='0' 
AND column06='0.993493' AND column07='1.00163' AND column08='0.03182' 
AND column09='0' AND column10='13.0312' AND column11='0.980957' AND 
column12='0' AND column13='9936' AND column14='72384' AND column15='22976' 
AND column16='63744' AND column17='2014-07-01 00:40:00')

This error means that more than 15 items have been added to the RTM Alert Templates Layout. The script gridalarms_template_edit.php does not put an upper limit on the number of items in the "Alert Report Layout". However, there are only 15 columns in the table gridalarms_alarm_log_items.

The solution for this issue is as follows.


  1. Go to Console > Templates > Alert Templates.
  2. Select an Alert Template to go to Edit mode.
  3. Select the Layout tab. Ensure there are no more than 15 items in the Alert Report Layout.