FLEXlm License - License Server Usage

The license server usage graph shows license requests by license server without getting into details of license vendors and features. It shows available licenses, licenses in use, queued requests, and reservations for all license feature types. By comparing statistics between license servers, cluster and license administrators get a sense of which licenses servers are busy and which are not.

The following example for the license server tanya shows that the maximum available licenses are fluctuating with time. This example suggests that license files are being reconfigured periodically. Over the week it is showing that when licenses are available, on average 18 of 80 licenses are in use over a two hour period. Looking at this same graph over a shorter time-horizon with five-minute averages equal to the polling interval might show more variance in actual license usage over the course of an hour.

Figure 1. FLEXlm License - License Server Usage