Settings (Alerting/Thold)

The Settings > Alerting/Thold page configures the Cacti alerting and threshold settings.

These settings are notfor the RTM alarm system. The alerts configured on the Alerting/Thold page are triggered by thresholds. For example, if an RTM graph monitors a host, the host memory usage goes beyond a predefined threshold, an email notification is triggered. The RTM alarm system can go beyond thresholds and send notifications based on data.

Basic configuration, which controls whether to send threshold notification or log breaches and changes.
Configures alert/threshold log level.
Threshold Daemon
Configures a dedicate threshold daemon and sets daemon process number.
Alert Presets
Configures weekend exemptions, default trigger Count or Re-Alerting poller cycles.
Baseline Presets
Controls whether RTM sends out baseline notifications.
Default Syslog Settings
Configures whether threshold events will be sent to syslog or not.
SNMP Notification Presets
Configures whether threshold events will be sent to SNMP notification receivers.
Emailing Options
Specifies the email sender information for notifications.
Default Notification Options
Controls dead host notification. Dead hosts are down or unreachable.
Alert / Warning Message Defaults
Configures default alert / threshold warning message.
Alert Presets
Sets the default alert level and related attributes.