What's new

Each release offers new functions and improvements. IBM is constantly updating the infrastructure, security, and stability of IBM Spectrum Fusion to improve your experience. Review this information for a high-level summary of the new features and changes in each release.

New features and changes in 2.3

New 64-core server (9155-C04)

As your business grows, it needs more powerful servers to handle the load. IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI introduces new 64-core servers (9155-C04) that come with a base memory of 1024 GB RAM, upgradeable to 2048 GB RAM as an alternative to the existing 32-core servers, so you can get the most out of demanding applications that are ideal for businesses with high data processing needs. The new servers offer increased performance and scalability for demanding workloads. You can use it during upsize of compute only nodes but cannot order a 64 core base rack. For more information about the procedure to upgrade, see Upgrading memory in the nodes of an IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI System.

Mirror images to multiple registries

IBM Spectrum Fusion supports installation from multiple enterprise registries. You can use a docker registry for mirroring OpenShift® Container Platform images and a different docker registry for hosting IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI required images. It gives you the flexibility to mirror images to individual registries of your choice. If there is not enough space to host all images in a single registry, you can use this feature to split the mirroring of images between two different registries. If you already have a defined process for hosting OpenShift images, you can continue to use it while mirroring other IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI images to a different registry.

Metro Sync DR (Disaster Recovery)

Metro Sync DR (Disaster Recovery) support is available in IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI. You can now span your storage deployments between two different geographic locations to provide a storage infrastructure with disaster recovery capabilities. IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI Metro sync DR is designed to provide an enterprise-grade capability for replication and synchronization of data between two heterogeneous clusters, namely IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI OpenShift Container Platform clusters. It provides an unique active-active storage resiliency across data centers that are up to 150 km distant. For more information about Metro Sync DR, see Metro sync DR (Disaster Recovery).

Custom certificate configuration

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI provides a facility to configure user provided certificates that are generated by a certificate authority (CA). This helps organizations bring their own certificates and not use the self-signed certificate created by Red Hat®, which provides increased security.

Provision to customize pod, service, and storage network

During installation, IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI provides you the ability to specify custom pod, service and storage networks. In most cases the OpenShift default network CIDR works well. Sometimes, your data center can have one or more default networks already in use or reserved for other purposes. In such cases, an installation of IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI can leverage the enhanced capability to customize networks. For more information to customize, see Network customization.

Storage efficiency and resiliency

The IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI scale-out file system scales throughput and performance as more nodes are added into the cluster. Erasure coding improves usable storage availability with a default 4+2p erasure coding with single or double recovery groups and an optional 8+3p erasure coding. For more information about storage efficiency and resiliency, see Storage data resiliency.

Data protection of IBM Cloud Pak for Data to the same or different cluster

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is now integrated with IBM Spectrum Fusion and IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI, which enables you to create online backups and to restore them to the same cluster or to a different cluster. For more information about the procedure, see Cloud Pak for Data online backup and restore.

Encryption through IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI User Interface

You can now configure encryption from the IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI user interface. For more details about the user interface page, see Configuring encryption for storage.

The backup host Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) server and certificates for S3 object storage are available for IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI and IBM Spectrum Fusion.

Node and switch firmware upgrade

As an administrator user, you can upgrade IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI node and switch firmware from the user interface.

To know more about compute node and switch firmware upgrades, see Upgrading node firmware and Upgrading switch firmware.

Auto discovery of compute nodes

The Compute Auto Discovery feature automatically discovers, verifies and configures new hardware with minimal admin or user operations to improve the client-managed scale-out of IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI compute capacity operation.

Enhancements in serviceability

Serviceability improvements in IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI and IBM Spectrum Fusion:
  • Call Home support is now included in IBM Spectrum Fusion and you can enable it from the IBM Spectrum Fusion user interface. The Call Home support automatically uploads the relevant logs and creates tickets for critical problems. For steps to enable Call Home from the IBM Spectrum Fusion user interface, see Enabling Call Home.
  • The IBM Spectrum Scale must-gather logs are included in the storage log collection.
  • The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus agent and server logs are included in backup and restore log collection.
  • The naming convention is improved for the log collection zip packages. The name of the log package consists of two parts: component name and timestamp.
  • The time consumption of IMM log collection got improved.

IBM Spectrum Fusion deployment on Bare Metal and Amazon Web Services

You can now deploy IBM Spectrum Fusion on OpenShift Container Platform that runs on Bare Metal and Amazon Web Services. For more information about the deployments, see Installing IBM Spectrum Fusion on Bare Metal and Installing IBM Spectrum Fusion on Amazon Web Services.

Service-based approach

Service based approach for Data Protection in IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI and IBM Spectrum Fusion, and for Global data platform in IBM Spectrum Fusion. For more information about managing these services, see Managing services.

New supported product versions

  • OpenShift Container Platform 4.10
  • IBM Spectrum Scale 5.1.5
  • IBM Spectrum Scale Container Native 5.1.5 for IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI
  • On-premises VMware supported version is vSphere 7.0
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.12
  • IBM® Spectrum Discover 2.0.5 is available in the Operator Hub catalog as a Container software.
  • For supported IBM Cloud Paks versions, see IBM Cloud Paks support for IBM Spectrum Fusion.