Back up and restore

The backup and restore feature in IBM® Spectrum Fusion captures the system configuration, helps you re-create the cloud and cluster configuration, and restores workload components and restore application data.


The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus offering is bundled with IBM Spectrum Fusion.

The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is available for appliance workload backup and restore. It is a data protection and availability solution for containerized environments and database applications that deploys in minutes and protects your environment within an hour. For more information about IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, see
Note: You must be a user with administrator privileges in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to do backup and restore data tasks, which also include configuration and job scheduling.

The IBM Spectrum Fusion runs the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (OCP) along with the IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE). For more information about IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition (ECE), see

For more information about OpenShift Container Platform, see

You can also protect persistent volumes, namespace-scoped resources, and cluster-scoped resources in the OpenShift environment.

By default, a configuration exists for periodic backup of cluster metadata. However, as an administrator, you can customize the following information:
  • Frequency in which back up operation must be run.
  • Location where the aggregated data must be stored.

For types of data that you can back up, see Categories of data to be backed up.


For partial recovery and disaster recovery, you can run manual tasks to restore data that got inadvertently deleted or corrupted on your system.

A partial recovery is needed whenever a specific component is corrupted. For example, if filesystem data is corrupted and must be recovered, then you must also recover other dependent components. For workload data, you do not have to do a recovery of other components.

The list of data that is retrieved by the restore function is as follows:
  • Workload resources
  • IBM Spectrum Scale ECE file system metadata
  • OpenShift cluster scoped and namespace scoped resources and PVs
  • Appliance management operator resources and PV