IBM Spectrum Fusion installation overview

IBM® Spectrum Fusion HCI comes with the bootstrapping software that is installed from the factory. The IBM Service Support Representative (SSR) completes the initial verification and connects the system to network, power, and so on. The IBM Support representative does the network setup of the appliance to connect the appliance to your datacenter network.

IBM Spectrum Fusion installation is designed to provide a seamless and accelerated experience to get the system up and running with a few clicks. After the installation prerequisites, such as physical site safety and network readiness are met, the wizard guides the user through the next steps to get it connected to the data center network. The installation wizard progressively gathers the information for the installation of IBM Spectrum Fusion.

In the Network setup, the SSR, in collaboration with your network administrator, configures VLANs, aggregating links, and sets up DHCP and DNS servers.

From the Initial installation onwards, you can continue with the installation from a remote host by using the details that are provided at the end of the previous stage. After you accept the license agreement contracts and configure image registry, the configuration of OpenShift® cluster and management software are completed.

In the Final installation, you configure storage and backup. After the successful completion of the installation, you can start the IBM Spectrum Fusion user interface and the system is ready to host client workloads and other "day 2" operations.