What's new for IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.8

Learn about the latest changes that are available in IBM Spectrum® Control 5.4.8.

More security when you want it

Security is an important part of protecting an organization's assets and data. To provide another level of security when you want it, you can now enter a password for the SSH User that IBM Spectrum Control uses to connect with IBM Spectrum Virtualize storage systems that run firmware levels or later.

Add storage system with an SSH password

Product fixes and security updates

In every release of IBM Spectrum Control, IBM fixes issues that are reported by our internal teams and by our customers. Along with fixes, improving the operation and security of the product is also a priority. See what's been updated and fixed in this release:

Limitations and known issues

For information about limitations and known issues that might occur when you use IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.8, see Limitations and known issues for IBM Spectrum Control.

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