Upgrading and migrating

Learn about the key tasks in the upgrade process for IBM Spectrum Control.

The IBM Spectrum Control upgrade process guides you through the steps for upgrading to the current version.
Important: Upgrading the operating system of a server where IBM Spectrum Control is installed is not supported. If you upgrade the operating system of the server, IBM Spectrum Control might be unable to continue monitoring your resources. If you must upgrade the server, contact the IBM® Support team for IBM Spectrum Control Support to discuss your options.
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Overview of upgrading steps and clickable images Preparing for an upgrade. Good planning helps you avoid delays and problems when you upgrade the product. Before you upgrade, you must back up the entire IBM Spectrum Control™ system. Select IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center or IBM Spectrum Control Server upgrade package that corresponds to the operating system on your system. Upgrade Db2 Upgrade IBM Spectrum Control.