Keep your colleagues and management up-to-date by sending inventory, capacity, performance, and storage consumption reports by email or by exporting information about your storage environment.

Reports overview

Share the information that is collected about your storage environment by sending reports by email or by exporting the information to create your own reports.

In IBM Spectrum Control, you can share information with your colleagues and management:
More about exporting information to files:
You can use the export feature as follows:
  • To export capacity and performance information about your storage resources from IBM Spectrum Control into spreadsheets and the reports that you create for your organization
  • To share information with your colleagues about the storage resources in your environment
  • To make your colleagues aware of issues and to help them investigate and resolve capacity and performance issues

You can use an external reporting tool, Cognos® Analytics reporting interface, to view predefined reports and create custom reports about IBM Spectrum Control. For more information, see Reporting with Cognos Analytics.

Predefined, custom, and storage consumption reports

Types of reports Creating predefined capacity reports Creating predefined inventory reports Creating custom reports Storage consumption reports: Overview Creating chargeback reports Creating consumer reports
In the IBM Spectrum Control you can create the following types of reports, which you can configure, schedule, and send by email:
Predefined reports
You can use predefined reports:
  • To notify colleagues about the capacity issues that affect them, and to monitor the capacity usage of resources, such as storage systems, pools, and servers, to ensure that you have sufficient capacity to meet current usage and to help plan capacity purchases
  • To generate inventory reports about your storage assets, such as storage systems, hypervisors, servers, IBM Spectrum Virtualize nodes, and IBM Spectrum Scale nodes
Custom reports
You use custom reports to create a variety of reports such as reports that provide information about your storage assets, and capacity and performance reports that provide information about the storage usage and performance of your resources.
Tip: You can open the table view for any resource, such as storage systems, volumes, pools, general groups, applications, and departments and click Create Report to create a custom report that you can save or send in a few simple steps. To create performance reports, open the Performance page for the resource and click Create Report.
Storage consumption reports
Chargeback reports make the owners of resources, such as applications, departments, hypervisors, or physical servers, aware of the amount and cost of the block and file storage that is consumed.
Consumer reports make the owner of a specific resource, such as an application, department, hypervisor, or physical server, aware of the amount and cost of the block and file storage that is consumed.

How to create reports

Watch a short video about how to create and customize a capacity report, attach a file to the report, and schedule when to run it in IBM® Storage Insights Pro.

How to create a report in IBM Storage Insights ProHow to create a report in IBM Storage Insights Pro