Sponsor user program

Sponsor users interact directly with designers and developers to improve the user experience and to help shape the future of the overall storage portfolio.

IBM needs your experience and expertise as an active participant to work with our designers and developers to create new features for the future and help improve the overall look and feel of our IBM Storage products.

Are you ready to align us with your reality of what a product should do?

Are you a real user or a potential user of an IBM Storage software product?

IBM wants you to be excited about being an active participant and establishing a collaborative and fluid relationship between your company and our design and development teams.

Express your thoughts and get your ideas heard! Then, as the discussion moves forward, we will integrate your insights and feedback into our decision making process and make them action items. In addition, as an active program user you get a peek into upcoming storage releases and gain beta access to new products.

Note: If you are interested in joining the IBM Storage Sponsor User Program or just want to get additional information, complete the following form: IBM Storage Sponsor User.
Important: Always remember your information is kept confidential and is only used by the IBM Design and Development for product development purposes.