Logging facilities configuration

Information about the logging facilities.

The logging facilities

The following table shows the IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition logging facilities.
Table 1. Facility and priority
Name Log location Facility Minimum level
ltfsee.log /var/log user notice
ltfsee_trc.log /var/log local2 debug
ltfs.log /var/log user debug

Log suppression

When IBM Spectrum® Archive EE is running, the logs files are written on each node by rsyslogd and journald of the Red Hat Linux system. By default, rsyslogd and journald are configured so that the logs are suppressed when the log contents reaches a certain threshold within a certain amount of time. However, for problem analysis, all logs from IBM Spectrum Archive EE are needed. It is highly recommended that you disable the log suppression of rsyslogd and journald. Failing to do so may result in not being able to find the root cause of any issues.