ltfsee info drives

Use the ltfsee info drives command to list current resource information about Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition drives.


ltfsee info drives [-l <libraryName>]

Specifies that you want to list the Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition resource inventory information for drives.
-l <libraryName>
Optionally, use the -l option to limit the command to a specified library. If you don't use the -l option, the resource information is supplied for all Spectrum Archive EE libraries in the system.

Sample ltfsee info drives command output

The following example shows sample output of the ltfsee info drives command.
[root@ltfs17 ~]# ltfsee info drives
Drive S/N   Status       Type     Role  Library  Address  Node ID  Tape      Node Group
00000XXXXX  Not mounted  LTO6     mrg   lib2         257  3        -         G1
F09CA15000  Not mounted  LTO5     mrg   lib2         258  3        -         G1
1068000560  Stock        UNKNOWN  ---   lib2         256  -        -         -
00078B00F3  Mounted      LTO6     mrg   lib1         259  1        TYO305L6  G0
00013B0084  Mounted      LTO6     mrg   lib1         260  1        TYO288L6  G0
00013B0037  Mounted      LTO6     mrg   lib1         261  2        TYO303L6  G0
00078D00C2  Mounted      LTO7     mrg   lib1         262  2        TYO287L6  G0
00078D00BE  Mounted      LTO7     mrg   lib1         263  2        TYO201L6  G0
1013000125  Mounted      LTO6     mrg   lib1         264  1        TYO125L5  G0

The following table shows possible status code values for the MMM state.

Table 1. Status codes for ltfsee info drives
Status code Description
Not mounted The Not mounted status indicates that the tape drive is empty and there is no mount or unmount in progress for that tape drive.
Mounted The Mounted status indicates that the tape drive mounted a cartridge. No operation is being done on that cartridge.
Mounting The Mounting status indicates that a mount is in progress for that tape drive.
Unmounting The Unmounting status indicates that an unmount action is in progress for that tape drive.
In use The status In use indicates that an operation is being done on that tape drive. The ltfsee info jobs command should show a job in a corresponding state.
Stock The Stock status indicates that the tape drive is removed from the library inventory or the drive information is not accessible.
Error The Error status indicates that the tape drive reports a hardware error.
Not installed The Not installed status indicates that the tape library reported an error condition when this drive was physically removed from it.

If a tape drive is physically removed from the tape library, the tape drive disappears from the tape library inventory unless the library detects an error condition. For such an error condition, the drive status changes to a Not installed status.

Locked The Locked status indicates that the tape drive is preserved for maintenance because the cartridge on this tape drive is in a critical condition.
Disconnected The Disconnected status indicates that the EE and LE components that are used by this drive cannot communicate. The admin channel connection might be disconnected.
Undetermined The source of the error cannot be determined.