Introducing IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) products

The IBM® Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliances and systems automatically block malicious attacks while preserving network bandwidth and availability.

Product features

Some of the features Network IPS products offer include:
  • Automatic security content updates Updated security content can be automatically activated and applied to Network IPS appliances. Security content with a suggested action "set to block" is certified to be free of false positives.
  • Virtual Patch™ protection IBM Virtual Patch® process automatically updates and applies protection policies to vulnerabilities before exploits are developed.
  • Quarantine capabilities Network IPS enables an immediate and reliable quarantine of traffic from infected hosts and network segments, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass unhindered.
  • Inline simulation mode Network IPS appliances and systems are the only intrusion prevention products available with an inline simulation mode, giving you the flexibility to actively block or passively monitor threats.
  • High availability (HA) Multiple Network IPS appliances deployed in an active/active configuration provide the highest redundancy possible while maintaining full session state maintenance between devices.
  • IPv6 network support Network IPS appliances support IPv6 networks for many features, including Firewall Rules, Connection Events, and Quarantine Rules.
  • Single-click blocking Block events instantly with one click from a central location.
  • SNORT Network IPS appliances include an integrated SNORT system that processes packets, sends alerts, logs events, and generates quarantine rules in response to traffic identified by specific configuration contents and rules.

Management systems and IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) products

You can use IPS Local Management Interface, the local web-based management interface, to perform updates, make adjustments, and augment configuration settings as needed. You can use SiteProtector™ to change policies if you are managing multiple intrusion prevention or detection products.

This Help provides the information you need to perform tasks as you work with the following appliances and systems:
  • IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Appliances (GX3000 series and above)
  • IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Virtual Appliances

Related Documentation

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