Hardware requirements

Before you begin installation and configuration, be sure to identify and address all the required hardware prerequisites.


2 processors are needed for the installation.


Make sure that enough memory is available for the installation. The minimum required memory (RAM) is 4 GB to install WebSphere® Application Server and IBM® Service Management Unite on the same server. It's highly recommended that 8GB is available on the server.

Disk space

Make sure that enough disk space is available for the installation. In general, 12 GB free disk space is needed for the IBM Service Management Unite server:

  • 4 GB for directory /tmp
  • 6 GB for installation media
  • 2 GB for the installed code
You can use the prerequisite scanner for the Jazz® for Service Management installation package to list the precise requirements that arise from your operating system. To run the prerequisite scanner, issue the following commands:
export JazzSM_FreshInstall=True
JazzSM_Image_Home/PrereqScanner/prereq_checker.sh "ODP,DSH" detail
The scanner prints the expected disk space and other prerequisites.

TCP/IP Connectivity

Provide TCP/IP connections between the IBM Service Management Unite server and the following products:
  • The Tivoli® Enterprise Portal Server (for IBM Service Management Unite Performance Management)
  • The System Automation E2E Adapter on z/OS® (By default, ports 2001 and 2002) (for IBM Service Management Unite Automation)